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2 min readMar 18, 2022

My stay in Brianhead was a nice way to ease into winter living in Utah. I spent most of my time consumed with art and writing and less time on exploration, eating and all other “everyday” activities.

I practiced yoga and meditation by the fireplace and took hot detoxifying baths and long walks with Cyrus as a wellness practice.

Cyrus loved being free in the snow. I think he almost forgot how to walk on a leash as he was free to wander most of the time.

After a week in Brianhead, we traveled to Kanab. I had been in the Kanab area before and I was amazed by Utah’s beauty in that region. The red canyons, the night sky were all gifts of nature. After a few stops we arrived in Kanab, but surprisingly there was little to do in the town itself so we kept driving.

The sun was sinking and we were looking, almost desperately, for a place to set up camp. I wanted to camp early enough and limit my time behind the wheel. There seemed like a lot of places to do but deciding where exactly was a challenge. I originally wanted to camp in Lake Powell, but when we got there I wasn’t exactly feeling it.

So we continued to drive on, searching for a spot that felt right.

We ended up off road a few miles away the main road and I was happy to test Kaya’s capabilities fully loaded. It was reassuring to know that I wouldn’t be stuck in the dirt and sand because of the awd system that proved to be capable. We chose a spot with a view of the Escalante Staircase. It was magik. No one was around for miles and the scenery seemed out of time.

We stayed there the night and the night promised to be a cold one.

Tomorrow we would explore the area.



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