The Toadstool and the Nurse

Soul Rebel Writer
2 min readMar 15, 2022


The morning was cold and the sun was rising as we slowly woke from our first night in the Canyon. The morning sun always offers something special, no matter where I am at and today was not exception.

Being in a van, there is often very little to pack and unpack. Just one of the many advantages of vanliving, if you do it right. We packed up quickly and headed out to the main road.

We headed toward Toadstools with is just outside of Kanab and it is a park with a nice 2–3 mile hike. It was still early so Cyrus was able to be offleash as there was only a few people around.

He ran ahead of me and I was surprised by the openness and the features of the park. The sun was already getting high and the air was getting warm but it was a spectacular sight.

Here I met another explorer named Sherwin. He was all geared up like he was stepping out of a REI ad, while I was in tattered shorts and an old t shirt. Funny.

He is a traveling nurse and he was based in the area and we talked story for a while after the hike and he recommended we visit a place called Valley of the Gods which is close to Monument Valley. He said it was one of his favorite places to wake up to.

Being one to invite and heed signs, we headed that way. It was about a 4 hour trip from our destination, but how could I resist visiting a place called The Valley of the Gods?



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