Thoughts on the Comfort Zone

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3 min readAug 1, 2021


Last night when I was in bed, I reflected on life in the comfort zone. I know there has been a lot of things written about the comfort zone already and I was reluctant to share my own thoughts. But it occurred to me that my discomfort around writing about the comfort zone was putting me back in the comfort zone!

So this morning, as I am sitting in my favorite Sunday morning coffee shop, Mixed Grounds, in San Diego, I am sharing my thoughts.

I spend a lot of time reflecting on my life. Do I spend too much of it in the comfort zone? Did I fail to achieve anything meaningful or lasting in my life because of it? Sadly, the answer might be yes. Don’t get me wrong, if I crossed over into the Great Mystery today, it would be ok, as I have lived a rich, full life. I’ve travelled to many parts of the world and I have met many wonderful souls. And yet, I feel there is more. Like I haven’t even begun to live. My Ego that tells me there is more. And this is where I feel discomfort, even a bit a shame. Why would I want more?

Part of me still shrinks at the possibility that there is more I can do, more I can become. Why is that? Was I programmed to shrink at greatness and call it humility? Am I in the habit of justifying my inactions and inflating my sense of righteousness because of it? Is this why I don’t fully recognize and accept what my gifts are? Is this what is causing me to feel…empty? And what the fuck am I saving myself for?

In my culture, there is a certain romantic notion behind hustling, grinding, daring, fighting, raging, straining to push the edge of what life can be. Is this Ego? Is this senseless programming? Is it an outdated model of living that leads to needless competition, consumption and ultimately the degrading of life on Earth for all beings?

Many of the great masters talk about living in peace and harmony, which is something I strive for as well, but can there be peace in living on the edge? Isn’t living on the edge, outside of the comfort zone, contrary to peaceful living? As I sit with it, the answer is still yes. Do I want peace and harmony? Or is that in the comfort zone?

Yes, there is more to do. Yes, there is more to be. Yes, there are more people to meet, more people to love, more adventures to be had. Is it vanity or ego to want this?

Yes. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Perhaps the question I could ask is whether or not it is comfortable to want it all, and take action.

Or not.

What are your thoughts?

With Love,




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